Loretta Veney
Author, Trainer, Motivational Speaker.

Being My Mom’s Mom

"Being My Mom's Mom" chronicles the bond between my Mom and me when she was my dedicated Mom, through the progression of her dementia as I slowly became her mom. Our journey has been faithful, funny, heartbreaking and hopeful.

When my Mom's doctor first said the word "dementia" to us, I remember dropping my head instantly overcome with anxiety about the future. My Mom looked at me and said "That's bad isn't it?" With the most positive tone I could muster attempting to mask my fear, I said "Yes, but there are worse things". With no hesitation, my Mom quickly asked, "Besides dying, what's worse than not being able to remember anything?"

Even though I've always believed that I have an answer for everything, I had no answer to that question.  Because her question was so profound, and so profoundly affected me, from that moment on, I began writing down some of the most interesting and humorous things my Mom asked or said. The following quote illustrates how my Mom through the shadow of her dementia, shines a light of surest wisdom and truest humor.

Favorite Quote From Mom

My Mom loves to walk so I drive us a few miles from her home to a beautiful harbor to get some exercise. In response to my explaining that we are going for a walk my Mom asked....

"If we are going for a walk, then why are we in the car?"

Excerpt From the Book
“I used to believe that January 3, 1959 would be a day that my Mom would never forget. It was the day I was born in my grandparent’s home in the Petworth section of Washington DC. I was more than a month premature, so not only did I arrive unexpectedly in the middle of the night to be delivered by my father Lorenzo Anthony Woodward, but I also slept in a dresser drawer for a short period of time because my Mom had not yet purchased a bassinet. Today, my Mom remembers neither the date I was born nor my pretty exciting birth."